A visual collaborator to communicate

complex ideas in a clear and accessible way

through design.

About Evan

Evan O'Neil is a visual communicator who works to convey important information in a clear manner and to develop visual campaigns in print and digital worlds. Evan works as a visual generalist, always eager to learn new approaches and skills. His work is centered around the idea that good listening is good communication, this contributes to an interest in deep collaboration on projects.

He is a Project M alumnus, a co-founder of Texas’s first B-Corporation, a Campaigns and Elections Reed award winner in 2019, and creates music under the band name El Modena.

About the Design Studio of Evan O'Neil

Our value comes from 15 years of experience in creative leader roles, working primarily with startups and small to midsize advocacy organizations seeking to maximize the impact of limited budgets.

Who we work with

We work directly with clients and value direct collaboration. Evan leads every project and is able to give direct focus and attention to each project. After an initial project scoping, our team will be Evan plus any other trusted collaborators who are right for the project.

Our clients are people who understand the role of visual communication and are seeking a collaborator to deeply understand and effectively communicate their expertise.


Good listening is apart of theprocess, which enables me to ask good questions to understand the problem we are trying to solve, and then suggest the best approach.

Our studio process can be flexible depending on the needs of a project, but it is typically

Learning → Scoping → Prototyping → Planning for impact → Creating → Sharing.


We prefer to work on a flat fee basis on a timeline we set at the start of the project, as this works best to ensure there are no compromises on the full vision for the project. As a general rule, most projects start around $10k.

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Subscribe to my newsletter Beautifully Elevated
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